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Our Plans

All of Designer Home's plans have been prepared to comply with the 2006 International Residential Code® for One-And Two-Family Dwellings. Many states revise these codes to meet criteria in their areas. Contact your local building authority or engineer to determine requirements for your locale.

Plan Package Information - All Designer Homes house plans are drawn in 1/4" dimension:

Title Page

  • 3D Color Rendering of the Front Elevation
  • Plan Index

Floor Plans

  • All Dimensions and Post Locations
  • Beam Sizes
  • Door and Window Sizes and Types
  • Ceiling Details - Dashed
  • Floor and Deck Joist Size and Spacing
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Locations
  • Braced Panel Locations and Details
  • Electrical Plan

Foundation Plan

  • All Dimensions and Post Locations
  • All Foundation Wall and Footing Sizes
  • Rebar Schedule
  • Beam and Header Sizes
  • Floor and Deck Joist Sizes and Spacing
  • Alternate Slab on Grade

Roof Plan

  • All Framing Members Type and Size Called Out
  • All Beam and Girder Sizes and Locations
  • Roof Lines, Ridges, Valleys and Hips
  • Roof Overhang Dimensioned

Exterior Elevations

  • Front, Rear and Side Elevations
  • Description of Finish Materials
  • Roof Slopes
  • Plate Heights, Wall Heights, Floor Levels and Max Ridge Height

Building Sections

  • Two Complete Cross-Sections
  • Roof Trusses and Rafter Framing
  • Beam Connections and Locations
  • Special Framing Details
  • Plate Heights and Foundation Wall Heights
  • Roof Slopes and Construction Materials
  • Structural Members
  • Typical Assembly of Walls, Floors, Roofs and Ceilings

Cabinet Elevations

  • Dimensions and Details of All Cabinets

General Notes

  • Construction Specifications and Standard Details

Bid Set Information:

We offer a bid set for review prior to purchase of a full set of house plans. These sets are reduced in scale to "B" size, and include a color 3D rendering on the title page, floor plans, all exterior elevations, and foundation plans. All are marked "Not for Construction."

Reverse Set Information:

Our reverse sets are "Right Reading" which means the text remains readable (not backwards).

Important Structural Information

Wind and Seismic design criteria:
Our stock plans are engineered to meet seismic zone C, 100 mph wind, exposure "B", and 24" frost line. Consult your local building authority or engineer for specifics regarding your local requirements.

Design load values:
The structure has been evaluated with Roof Live Load of 40psf and Soil Bearing Pressure of 1,500psf. Design loads follow the I.R.C. codes. We incorporate into our designs pre-engineered floor and roof framing.

Species of lumber:
Sawn lumber species are typically Douglas Fir, or Hem-fir #2 or better. Substitution of material (species or grade) should not be undertaken without the review of a qualified professional, as required by your local building codes and ordinances.

Roofing materials:
Our plans will call out for Composition laminated asphalt shingles. You may use a different roof material, as long as the dead load is not more than is specified in our plans. Follow manufacturer's recommendations for your selected material.

To satisfy requirements of most building departments, we recommend that you have any changes in your plans revised to meet local codes. You should enlist the services of a design professional in your area.


Return Policy

Because working drawings are produced on a "per order" basis, home plans are not returnable. All sales are final. All construction plans ordered through Designer Homes, Inc. are provided as is. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy, compliance with applicable statute(s) or regulation(s), and fitness of purpose of any plans or construction information received from Designer Homes, Inc. prior to the use thereof.


House plans published by Designer Homes, Inc. are for one-time use only. We also offer multi-use discount at a percentage of the Single Use CAD file price as follows (please call to order):

  • 2nd purchase @ 70% of Single Use CAD File Price
  • 3rd purchase @ 60% of Single Use CAD File Price
  • 4th purchase @ 50% of Single Use CAD File Price
  • 5th purchase @ 40% of Single Use CAD File Price
  • 6th purchase @ 30% of Single Use CAD File Price
  • 7 & more purchases @ 20% of Single Use CAD File Price

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